Learn how to design your property for deer habitat

The only book available on hinge cutting trees for deer habitat

Massive chapter on scent control for deer hunting

Learn how to set up a small deer hunting property

Find out how doe families control the movement of deer on your peoperty

View 48 videos on hinge cutting, deer hunting strategies, property layouts for deer hunting, how to make doe beds, how to make buck beds, and many other techniques designed to improve deer hunting and deer habitat on your property

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63 comments on “BUY THE BOOK
  1. Craig Histed says:

    Are you selling printed copies or only online copies?

  2. rusty wege says:

    the last chapter in the book is on scent control or am I missing something

  3. Todd Berg says:

    Dr. Jim,

    Awesome book, read the entire thing on a long flight to Japan. My wife and I own 200 acres in northern Wisconsin and are going all in to implement your strategy. We’ve done pieces of this already but you put it all together for us! Two questions. First, can I share the book between my devices? Initially downloaded it thru gumroad to my smart phone but would like to put it on my notepad and can’t figure out how to do that. Second, where did you get your push/pull pole? Have searched all over online but can’t find one. Many thanks for a complete and comprehensive book. Can’t wait to start breaking down the LMU’s!
    Todd and Veronica Berg.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Hi Todd; Thanks for the nice feedback.

      There are two sources for hinge poles: hinge tool

      The book is a pdf file that can be moved from one hard drive to another by any normal means that you would use to move any file.

      Just move them via a cloud connection or plug the devices together and then just drag and drop where you want it. It may take a while because it is nearly a 100 MB file.


  4. Doug kitchel says:

    I just payed for the book but haven’t received any email or link to the book yet. Does it take a while?
    I really look forward to reading it.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Doug. If you paid for the book there should have been a button for you to push to download the book. I confirmed that you bought the book and resent an email you can use to click to download the book. Please contact me at if you have further difficulties.


  5. Jeff says:

    I have been dying to purchase this book…..I think I have watched your YouTube videos atleast 15 times each!! Your videos have made me more excited to work on deer habitat than actually hunting. So, I purchased the book this morning. I downloaded the Gumroad app and then the book…..however, it will not download (unless I need to be patient with such a large file). Any ideas?


  6. Justin ballard says:

    I have 300 Ac in central Texas that I am working on improving. Will this book relate to the southern us?

    • Dr Jim says:

      I interact with many people in the south including doing habitat plans for them. Species of plants are different, length of the rut are different, and there are other differences, but the kinds of behavioral characteristics we are designing for are the same everywhere the whitetail roams.

  7. Claude says:

    Hi Jim. I purchased your book sometime in the spring of 2015. Somehow, i have deleted it by accident or whatever else, i cant find it on my iPad. Would it be possible for you to confirm in your records that i did pay for it and send me the link once more for a download? Thanks.

    Great book by the way, it literally tore through it in one afternoon and i am now considering selling my cottage to purchase an 100 acre lot to start crafting my own deer hunting paradise! Great work.

  8. Douglas Prince says:

    Are you available for hire to meet at property located in Chase MI Lake County MI to guide on where best location to implement bedding areas hinge cutting & corridors? I put in 3 connecting food plots summer & fall of 2015 1 clover 2 rye total about 2 Arces total land is 58 1 is 33 the other is 25 I currently lease but plan to purchase all 58 at minimum the 33

  9. Kevin Bradley says:

    Hi Jim. My family has a 40 acre plot of land in Missaukee Co. of Northern MI. I have been doing a lot of research on improving our deer habitat based off of following your videos. My grandfather (who owns the property) is against the idea of me cutting any trees on the property. He doesn’t mind me putting in food plots, however. I am wondering if I can create beds just as effectively as hinge cutting by taking dead tree “poles” that are found around the property and securing them to standing trees about shoulder height with some rope. I will then lay brush on top of those trees and around the surrounding area to create visual cover. What do you think??

    • Dr Jim says:

      You can try techniques like that but sunlight is the main element for providing good bedding. Have you had discussions with your Grandfather about how much more value the trees would have and how much better your hunting could be if he did some timber management in his woods? Nothing is more destructive to the value of a woods than refusing to cut trees in it. It is the go-to approach for many in the older generation and results in poor conditions for both growing timber and growing wildlife.

      • Kevin Bradley says:

        I have had these discussions with him, but cannot seem to convince him. He spends hours out in his hunting blind and lots of $$ on Sugar beets each year with not much to show for it. Most of the bucks we shoot are 1 1/2 year olds on opening day and we don’t shoot does because he’s afraid it will hurt the population.

  10. Darrian McCarty says:

    Is 20 acres too small to do this type of thing and consistently hold and or kill mature bucks

    • Dr Jim says:

      Twenty acres is not too small for quality deer hunting. But your goals have to be realistic. Twenty acres is not too small to consistently kill a buck that may be in the top 10% of what is available to you in the area, but how “mature” that top 10% is heavily dependent on your region. And the challenges go up as the size of the property goes down. Smaller properties may be more affected by pressure from neighbors and yourself. Careful design is required for success.

  11. EricB in IL says:

    Hi Jim,

    What would be the best way to (discretely) buy the e-book as a Christmas gift for my dad?


    • Dr Jim says:

      You could download it and then put it on a CD or thumb drive and wrap it up.

      I do have CDs but I have to charge an extra $5 and you would need to send me a check for $25. It has a nice sleeve with the book cover on it. Call me at 8584495178.

  12. Todd Bohm says:

    Tried ordering your book but nothing happens. I don’t want to get charged multiple times. Any idea if the website is not working

  13. Stephen Palmateer says:

    No DRM? Well done Jim!

  14. Lamar Fussell says:

    Hi Jim my family has 50 acres with about 4 acres of swamp in south Georgia do you feel this amount of land work?

    • Dr Jim says:

      I have an example of my 13 acre property in my book. My 47 acre property is a better hunting property than my 130 acres. Yes, without question you can have great results on 50 acres. However, there are a lot of factors that can affect your results, including neighboring properties, but yes, 50 acres is more than enough.

  15. Jason says:

    Hey Jim, if I download this onto my phone, will it only be available for me to read and view with my phone, or will I be able to read through and use in other devices? I really want this book, just don’t plan on keeping my phone forever!
    Thanks for the help

    • Dr Jim says:

      You can move it from your phone to any other device you have. Just google how to do it for your particular device.

  16. Paul says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your habitat educational videos you have posted so far. I have some property that was logged 10 years ago before I purchased it her in southern KY. It has now grown up with a high canopy with no underbrush in at least 30 acres of it. It has junk crooked trees that have no timber value on it. I have decided to dedicate it to deer habitat a few acres this summer and adding more each year as a personal project. Before I jump in and hinge cut a bunch of it wrong, I saw where you have an eBook for sale and I would like to purchase it for the instructional value and to support your time you’re investing in educating the rest of us. So many things you have stated in your videos have rang so true to what I am doing wrong. Please email me an address where to send the $25 for the CD you have. USPS money orders ok? Thanks again for sharing your habitat improvement knowledge.

  17. Paul says:

    Thank you for your quick response. I purchased the book from the link you posted. The file was simple to download. I read the book today and I felt it was well worth the cost. There is a lot of good material in it. Now I will go back through it and make notes to try to apply some of the information in it to a plan for the farm here. Thanks again for your help and I hope you have another great deer season this year.

  18. David says:

    I am not able to open the video links on my ipad that are embedded in the ebook.

    • Dr Jim says:

      First time I have heard of this. Did you download to the ipad or are you trying to view online. I strongly recommend downloading. Otherwise I would try moving it to another computer or phone to see if it works there to trouble shoot the browser on your ipad. email me if you have an issue drjim at extermedeerhabitat dot com

  19. Brennan L Urbaniak says:

    Dr. Jim , is this book and link stil available? Curious if site still active before I try to pay and download. Thank you sir ! Also curious if you need helpers for some of the property work for this winter 2016/2017 as I am a MI resident in Gladwin county.

    Brennan 989-513-8853

    p.S. As an avid archery hunter on public lands I would love to help improve our natural resources here in MI

  20. Antonio Anselmo says:

    I purchased your book last night mobily, but it appears my phone didn’t download it. How can I access it?

  21. TODD Y says:

    Jim, I have tons of dead Ash on my property(Huron Co.). Do you recommend cutting them down before I do any Habitat Improvement? I also have alot of mature Poplars. Should I cut these down to open up the canopy or hinge cut them?

  22. Travis B says:

    Dr. Jim,

    My father and I hunt on roughly 80 acres of REALLY dense swamp in the UP. There are farm fields 1/2 a 40 North and 1/2 a 40 South. We rarely see bucks in our area (but do see does) but the hunters in those adjacent farm fields often shoot larger bucks. There is one slightly raised area in the middle of the property that is already somewhat cleared out where are are thinking of doing food plots. Due to the density of the swamp I wonder if your hinge cutting method would still be the same due to the already abundant dense canopy cover?
    Thank you,

  23. Roger Miller says:

    Hi Jim, I recently downloaded the book to my desktop. It was saved as a “File” not a PDF File, as far as I know it did not give me the option as to what type of file. I have the download, I just can’t open it. I am using Windows 8.1 if that matters. it asks what I want to open it with, I cant find anything that works.
    I have downloaded other PDF Files, and all are accessible. Is there another file type you can send me, or any other ideas that you may have? Thank You.

    • Roger Miller says:

      I found out by downloading free Adobe – Acrobat Reader, I can finally access the ” Book” I hope this helps anyone else who may have had trouble.

      Thank You

  24. Eric says:

    Dr. Jim,

    I’m trying to purchase ebook through the “buy the book tab on your site. I must be doing something wrong, as I see no actual place to conduct the purchase or pay. Am I doing something wrong?

  25. Denis Losier says:

    I want to buy your e book I’m in Canada how do I do this??? Tried clicking the link need some help.

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