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130 acres of prime deer hunting property in Pittsford Township, Hillsdale County Michigan

Price: $430,000

Conservation Reserve Program (42 acres) brings in $5000 per year.

Buyer must have financial proof of ability to purchase before showing.

Contact Jim Brauker, (858) 449-5178.

This property is one of the most heavily managed Quality Deer Management (QDM) properties in the state of Michigan.

It is owned by Jim Brauker, author of the book “Extreme Deer Habitat”.  The property is heavily featured in the book and in many videos produced by the author. The owner put a tremendous amount of work and effort into this property, creating a habitat showplace.  Although he would like to continue working on and hunting on the property, it is being sold Because the owner wishes to invest in properties closer to his home.

It is comprised of 130 acres in the southwest portions of Hillsdale County not far from Hudson.  Approximately 68 acres consists of former crop ground that has been converted into either Food plots or entered into the conservation reserve program.  The remainder of the property is hardwoods or creek bottom.

Beecher features EDH Property for Sale


The property consists of 4 management quadrants. Each of these quadrants contains independent bedding and feeding zones.  Thwe quadrants converge at destination food sources, which may be shared by two or more quadrants.  Because each quadrant has unique bedding areas occupied by different doe families, the property can be hunted such that disturbance of one bedding area by tracking a deer does not disturb the other bedding areas on the property.

LMUs 1024x909 EDH Property for Sale

The northeast quadrant, shown below, was described in detail in the book “Extreme Deer Habitat:  How to shape your deer property with a chainsaw.”  It was also the site of the 2014 Southeast Michigan QDMA Branch Habitat Day held on April 5th 2014 and attended by over 170 people (video below).


The Northeast Quadrant:

NE LMU layout 1024x714 EDH Property for Sale


During the first few years I shot three bucks but since then have become much more selective about buck harvest. Although I see bucks older than 2.5 years of age every year I have not shot one in several years.

Fen Bucks EDH Property for Sale

Before and after pictures of the woods in the NE Quadrant. Before hinge cutting the woods it was seldom used by deer. You could see 300 yards into the property from the road. There was neither food nor cover for deer.

tornado before after edited 1 683x1024 EDH Property for Sale

Looking back at the road 2 years later.  All of the growth in this picture is new.  The area is now heavily used by deer, and a food plot is in place only about 50 yards from the road, where deer are not visible from the road even in winter.

tornado from west sized EDH Property for Sale

The hinge cut woods are now used heavily by deer for bedding.

Bedding edited 1 1024x768 EDH Property for Sale

Transitional food plots near bedding are heavily used by deer.

doe and fawn final 1024x792 EDH Property for Sale

Tall fork and friend  1024x768 EDH Property for Sale

As are destination food plots…

IMAG2303 1024x768 EDH Property for Sale

IMAG2293 1024x768 EDH Property for Sale

A pure, pristine creek runs through the property. It is fed by the many springs and seeps found in the fen that runs along the north side of the creek.

Creekview 1024x576 EDH Property for Sale

A rare habitat called a “hanging fen” stretches along the north edge of the creek. Here a group of avid deer habitat enthusiasts listen as a Michigan DNR Biologist describes the unique features of the fen.

fen 1024x576 EDH Property for Sale

There are 30 stands distributed on the property. Most are metal or wooden ladder stands. Each stand is at a key location and each stand is groomed on an annual basis to provide buck sneak trails that lead past stands or as observational stands that can be used to scout other areas of the property. These stands will be left in place if desired by the buyer.

ladder stand 1024x768 EDH Property for Sale Hanging Fen stand locations 1024x958 EDH Property for Sale


November 5th 2015 Buck killed by my neighbor Dean Houser  with a crossbow just a short distance from the SE corner of my property along the creek that runs through both our properties.  Dean Houser buck 576x1024 EDH Property for Sale














deans buck edited 1 EDH Property for Sale

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